What to say to family and friends who don’t support you

What to say to your friends and family members that don't support you

I was driving home from my office, my palms were sweating and I just wanted this day to be over. In about 20 minutes, I was going to tell my parents that I’ve decided to quit university and become a full-time coach for professional poker players. Ugh. This was one of the most nerve-wrecking moments […]

Learn How to Use Automation And Dominate Your Work Today + free Automation eBook

Automation Frank Magnotti

How would it make you feel if you could get work done in your sleep or while you’re grabbing drinks with friends? And what if I told you that that’s actually much easier as it sounds, regardless of whether you’re an entrepreneur or if you work in a 9-5 job? Hint: It feels awesome when […]

The Quick Guide to Surrounding Yourself with Successful People

The Quick Guide to Surround Yourself with Successful People

This isn’t just a normal blog post. Oh no. This epic guide is more than 17.000 words long, and it’s packed with specific systems, pictures, scripts, examples… You name it! I will tell you exactly how I’ve found my first mentor, got invited to grab lunch with Ramit Sethi in San Francisco, created my own […]

My brutally honest review of Ramit Sethi’s Zero to Launch course

Ramit Sethi's Zero to Launch review

In August of 2011, I was working as a code monkey in a 300-people tech company in Slovenia, making $7/h. As I just recently got a raise, I was making more than a thousand dollars a month. Whoa! Why “Whoa!”? Well, I was a university student, living at my parents with practically no living expenses… […]

Being an introvert doesn’t mean that you can’t have a social life.


Ever since I learned about introverts and extroverts in my high school psychology class, I considered myself an introvert. I was always the person sitting in the corner quietly whenever I met new people. I felt better when I was alone or in a small group of people, and I felt drained if a stranger […]

The one thing that you will always regret in your life.


It was year 2010. I was beginning my last year of high school, and I was pretty excited to finally finish it and begin my studies of something I was really passionate about at that time – computer science. In fact, I wanted more than just studying. I wanted to experience studying abroad, and I […]

How to double the value of your time

Naveen Dittakavi

A couple of months ago, I was on a call with one of my mentors, Naveen Dittakavi. Naveen is one of the most productive people I’ve ever met – he has a successful software development business, he manages a community of over 1700 people, and constantly works on developing new skills and new projects. All […]

How to crush your goals in 2014


The year is coming to an end. You’re browsing through your computer and find a document called “yearly goals”. You open it and think to yourself… “Damn, I totally forgot about my goals again. Why does this happen to me all the time?”. And then, feeling a bit frustrated, you draft the goals up for […]